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The Higher Vocational College of Škofja Loka, as an organizational unit of the School of Mechanical Engineering of Škofja Loka, was established by the decision of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia on 15 January 2004.
We started preparing for the establishment of the college in 1999. We have been supported by the surrounding economy and the local community, with whom we have always cooperated well.
The first enrolment of full-time and part-time students was realized in the academic year 2004/2005, thanks to the good cooperation that is maintained throughout the years with vocational colleges in Celje, Novo mesto, Postojna and Maribor.
Today, after several years of successful operation, we fully control the study process that students are happy with. We feel a great deal of synergy in relation to other organizational units of the University of Ljubljana, particularly the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Biotechnical Faculty.
Since 2013, the Higher Vocational College of Škofja Loka has been cooperating with the Inter-Entrepreneurial Education Centre within the framework of the School Centre.
The key ambitions and activities of the Higher Vocational College are directed at updating and implementing the renewed programs, increasing the scope of the College's operations in Slovenia and elsewhere.
At the Higher Vocational College of Škofja Loka, we educate students to become good professionals in mechanical engineering and woodworking. The knowledge and skills students acquire at our college enable them to successfully solve practical professional tasks at work in the field of mechanical engineering and woodworking.
Students also acquire the knowledge and skills to organise and lead projects and technological processes. This is gained through practical training.
Our educational programmes are accredited programmes according to ECTS and comprise 120 credit points.
Following the quality management system of the college, we have documented and determined:
• Fundamental processes and their interconnection, in terms of the impact of these processes on the satisfaction of all our users: students, employees, companies in which our students provide practical training and other partners.
• Criteria and methods for ensuring proper functioning and control of effective processes and, on this basis, appropriate measures to achieve the objectives set;
• Provision of adequate resources and information to support and monitor specific processes and their continuous improvement.
The quality management system was is established, documented, implemented and documented in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015. Each year our college is audited by the Slovenia Quality Institution.

Considering the goals of mobility, our students get the chance of international mobility because their level of education is properly acknowledged and is in line with European standards.
Following the Erasmus+ agenda, the objectives of the Higher Vocational College of Škofja Loka are:
  - To be a successful, high quality and modern educational organization, recognizable at home and abroad.
  - With professional and friendly staff, modern equipment and methods of education, we want to achieve a high level of educational services and satisfaction of our participants in education.
  - By developing partnerships with one another, we want to help teachers and participants develop into solid, confident personalities who can cope with life situations and challenges.
  - We strive for the most successful cooperation with the economy, local communities and partners.
Given the challenges of the environment, we provide quality educational services and provide responsible education.
We ensure that the needs of youth and adult education are met at the level of vocational, vocational and higher education.
The Higher Vocational College of Škofja Loka promotes lifelong learning and cooperates with the economy and local communities.
We also have and support students with special needs or disadvantages and we do not prioritize the mobility within economically or socially more developed societies to others.
The international activities are presented to other students and employees at the Higher Vocational College of Škofja Loka via our web site, promotional materials, e-mailing students and staff, articles published in local newspapers and magazines, radio and TV broadcasts and at different promotional events of our institution.
Our college is an equal opportunity institution and offers opportunities to all students and members of staff.
We promote all positive values that enrich the relationships between students, employees, parents, employers and the environment in which we live.
With responsibility for the future, we want to promote professionalism, quality, collegiality, creativity and responsibility.

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